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Truth to Power PAC is dedicated to electing candidates who will stand up to the corporate special interests, lobbyists, and corrupt politicians who have dominated our government for far too long. We need new leaders who will be independent voices for change and will fight to reform our political system and economy. 

Truth to Power will endorse and support candidates who are committed to accountability, justice, and reform when they’re in office. Families deserve representatives who will fight for their needs, even when it means taking risks and speaking up. Our political future depends on strong voices who do not bend to power but instead fight for people. 

Contributions will help these campaigns increase turnout and level the playing field against opponents backed by special interests and political insiders. Candidates endorsed by Truth to Power share a commitment to equal rights for all, political and economic reform, a woman’s right to choose, gun violence prevention, and concrete action to fight climate change. Truth to Power PAC does not take contributions from corporate PACs and lobbyists.